Time to lighten things up around here with a dose (or rather, two doses) of… *drumrolls*

Fashion Faux Pas!!

You know how in the army these days, all army personnel (NSFs, regulars, reservist personnel alike) have this thing called credits allocated to them which they can spend at the E-Mart to purchase a plethora of items which range from outfield gear to PT shoes?

Well, apparently some people have been making full use of their credits. Witness here what was recently spotted and snapped on the MRT:

They say that in the army...

Two people, who blatantly did not know each other (I was trying to observe them. They did not interact with each other in any way despite sitting next to each other, and they alighted at different stations), one in blue jeans while the other in khaki pants, so very much happen to be donning the same footwear.

Peer closely at the picture and you will see that those two people who so coincidentally were sitting together at that point of time, were so coincidentally wearing matching pairs of New Balance Sport Shoes (the ones currently used in the SAF for running) and matching pairs of green socks (the ones which go with the No 4 uniform).

Wow. Don’t they have other socks (if not shoes) to wear?

* Written by aR