What is your boss like?

March 29, 2008

You know, when you work in an organization, do your superiors really look out for you?

 Living is hard. Especially where we are at. We constantly need to struggle (perform) to earn our pay check and bring bread and butter to our family. Especially since the prices keep going up. In the hierarchy of the organization, there is a special person who manages you- your boss.

 Well, if it’s a compact-sized organization, most of the time your boss would watch out for you. You are his direct production-line. And everything you do and produce, provides resources for the organization which will be used to bring more income back. As such, you are an important asset to the organization. You fail to perform, the organization fail to grow. Hence, the more important that bosses make sure you are well, up and going, and motivated to do the work

I have a question regarding large organizations where the corporate ladder is the main goal. Here, you see executives scrambling to outdo each other, and put their names up in front so that they become the “Next Big Thing” for rising up the ranks. It’s important to watch your back, say the right words, do the right things, and show the right image. And in situations like this, it’s especially important to note if your manager is one of them and he chooses to claim your work as his. Here, you can say that your boss is only looking out for his back, and his daily bread and butter. He wouldn’t care about you. There are many more of you around anyway. It’s a large place. And all he cares about is himself.

So, how many of these bosses do you really encounter today?

 Espcially with all the emphasis on a happy and productive organization. Do such political puppet-play really happen?

I’m curious. What do you think?