mypaper (03/03/2008)

March 3, 2008

Let us all take a look at some of the errors I have spotted within mypaper on Monday, 3rd March 2008.

I came to the awareness that this is in fact the paper to read should you wish to improve your English language. Doing editing and peer reviews of flawed documents or essays are always good means to know where you stand.

Article: ‘Physical breach’ at Whitley detention centre (Page A6)
Excerpt – He added: “But we are taking nothing for granted in terms of where might be.”

Article: Commision of inquiry set up (Page A7)
Excerpt – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs announced this to reports when he visited the Special Operations Command at Queensway yesterday morning.

(They forgot to introduce him as Mr Wong Kan Seng in this paragraph, and followed up with this with “Mr Wong”s all over the article. Mr Wong who?)

Article: China’s new parliament to endorse ‘super-ministries’ (Page A8)
Excerpt – China’s new parliament is expected to promote younger leaders and possibly a non-Communist and will endorse plans to create powerful “super-ministries” when it convenes on Wednesday.

Article: Young Ming goes behind the camera (Page A20)
Excerpt – He was later was sent back to Taiwan to file stories in both English and Mandarin.

Article: Affleck has new ‘sex video’ (Page A20)
Excerpt – But in Hollywood, it’s a ‘sex video’ of sorts between actor Ben Affleck an Jimmy Kimmel.

Not too good a sign for the corporation behind the local non-fiction bestseller “English As It Is Broken” , is it?

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