Dawn Confession

February 28, 2008

In today’s mypaper, local blogger Dawn Yang has launched a tirade against people who gave her flak for “wanting attention”, following her front page mypaper news story which broke the day after Singapore emerged victorious in its Youth Olympics 2010 bid.

Alright, to be fair, she didn’t exactly choose to be front page news fodder – that’s the fault of the editors who wanted to milk the free tabloid for all its worth.

However, Dawn, instead of getting readers to “look at this logically”, why don’t you yourself take a step back and look at things logically yourself?

Admittedly, while this whole brouhaha is a result of a misunderstanding created by the media who decides to mis-paraphrase your entry and put words into her mouth, hence along the way losing her original intent of the story (as what Dawn mentions in her fightback), is Dawn not to be faulted as well for being under scrutiny?

Let’s take a step back and analyse things a little. She claims that “as their writer, I’m (she’s) just doing my (her) job – sharing my thoughts and experiences on the controversy” by emphasising that “no matter how chamring or famous a guy is, a girl should not allow herself to be caught in compromising situations”.

Point taken.

However, let’s look at the contents of the original article. What do we see, but a foray into the kinks & croonies of the MSN conversation of Edison trying to proposition her. (And she claims that it was a few years ago! She actually KEEPS her MSN transaction backlogs for years?!) Though she did not exactly go full-fledged into the story, but what she did was effectively enough to “draw attention” onto herself – she dangled a huge yet unchewable carrot in front of the readers.

There isn’t a need for all the details should she want to drive home the message to “girls out there to be careful and sensible”. And besides, following the plights of poor Nicholas, Cecilia and Bobo, I’m sure that girls out there already know the need to be careful and sensible. Was she trying to imply that she is careful and sensible and that girls out there should view upon her as a role model?

And the timing of the entire issue is improper as well, given how different this front page story looks as compared to that of other newspapers.

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