Political Booboos

February 27, 2008

In the eyes of many commoners alike, presidents of a country ought to be virtuous leaders. By virtuous, one should upkeep and uphold positive moral values – being fair, decent and positively compassionate. One, who is able to serve as a good role model for the citizens of the country, and connect with them as well. One, who is able to lead and make prompt and decisive actions to bring the nation forward during crunchtime. One, who is able to stay calm and react appropriately when faced under intense pressure.

Under fire French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been in the limelight in recent months for all sorts of non-politically related issues. From his marriage to supermodel Carla Bruni hogging the headlines (especially their high-profile courtship), the general impression has been that Sarkozy is not taking his presidential position seriously. Never have I recalled, in recent memory, has a President been in the headlines so often for reasons bordering on the abyss of media-whoring.

Little wonder that his popularity has fallen to the lowest since his election last May, with him trailing Prime Minister Francois Fillon by almost 20 percentage points, the biggest gap between a president and his premier since 1993.

To make matters worse, Sarkozy has been known to be an impulsive leader, and the recent weekend tirade just serves to exemplify that, with it not being the first time Sarkozy has openly reacted to insults, with insults. The following is an excerpt from British newspaper “The Sun”:

Mr Sarkozy is seen moving through the crowd at an agricultrual show on Saturday when the man tells him: “Oh no, don’t touch me.”

The president, still smiling, responds: “Get lost, then.”

“You disgust me,” the man says. (Tu me salis)

“Get lost, you stupid bastard,” Sarkozy fires back.  (Alors, casse-toi pauvre con)

Here’s a video of the incident:

More videos of booboos by Sarkozy:

French President Walks Out on 60-Minute Interview

A heated exchange with French fishermen last November

Little wonder of the need for the French government to play down the embarrassing situations by labelling it “not very significant”, “reinforces the image of an impulsive president”!

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