Age & Politics

February 27, 2008

A sobering lesson on how we should never let age get to us, to keep on pushing beyond our own self-determined limits, to discover just how much we are missing and how much we can achieve in life, and to take the plunge to live life to the fullest comes in the form of an octogenarian.

Eighty-nine-year-old grandmother Ms Maimun Yusof has, very likely, set a record as Malaysia’s oldest political candidate. After four failed attempts, she finally managed to get her name on the ballot, thereby living her “lifelong dream”. Her persistence and dogged determination culminate in her efforts as can be seen from her cycling door-to-door in a bid to canvass votes for her parliamentary seat contest. She even had to withdraw her life savings to pay for the deposit to contest in the elections! While the odds are stacked against her, such a true blue down-to-earth approach pledged with sincerity certainly comes as a breath of fresh air at an era where millions of dollars are injected into politcal campaigns by a single political candidate!

Read more about the story, as well as an insight to Ms Maimun Yusof’s extraordinary campaign.

In the meantime, for the US Presidential Elections this year, Republican frontrunner candidate John McCain, at the age of 71, deserves some plaudits as well for his firm stance on US politics as well. While decidedly not as old as Ms Yusof, he is possibly considered old in the US electorial context, judging from the dig on McCain by Oscar host Jon Stewart. He joked that the Oscar, at 80, “automatically makes him the front-runner for the Republican nomination”!!

*While there are countless of other inspirational stories out there; the above examples just seem rightfully apt in this year of elections.

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