Entry Almalgam – Youth Olympic Games 2010 / mypaper / Edison Chen

February 26, 2008

Singapore Youth Olympic Games Bid

 “The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has the honour of announcing that the first Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010 are awarded to the city of Singapore,” announced Mr Jacques Rogge, president of the IOC, a few minutes past 7pm on Thursday. The announcement practically sent the entire nation into euphoria and disbelief as it marks a new dawn for Singapore sport as the nation beat Moscow 53-44 in the tight race to host the games.

This is not the end, but the beginning towards gearing the nation up strongly towards the organisation of a memorable inaugural Youth Games. This includes the construction and refurnishing of several complexes and arenas, so as to provide state-of-the-art facilities and five-star accommodation for the thousands of participants arriving in Singapore for the Games in 2010. And of course, gearing our young blood into preparation overdrive as the country targets some medals to put itself on the Olympic world map (for the first time since Tan Howe Liang took home a silver medal for bodybuilding in 1960, should the nation fail in its bid to win medals this year).

It is indeed heartening to see many of the locals (or at least, those who have been interviewed by the newspapers) stepping up and be willing to volunteer themselves to the cause when the Games fall on Singapore in 2010. Hopefully the excitement will not die down as the nation needs to maintain this momentum on its journey to hold a successful Games.


While the entire nation is basking in glory over this unprecedented achievement in the sporting arena, I believe many would expect the above news to be splashed on the front pages of all local newspapers around the island on Friday.

But no, mypaper bucked this trend by featuring Edison Chen on the front page of the free tabloid. Which makes me wonder how the paper prioritises the issues – does the editor seriously feel that front-page Edison Chen news will garner more readership than the winning of the bid to host the Youth Olympic Games? (If that is the reason, I find it quite stupid as the paper is a free tabloid after all. I will find it surprising if the papers do not  get distributed till they run out everyday) Or is it more of a matter of attention-grabbing?

My personal disapproval towards that isolated incident aside, my impression of the tabloid has dipped tremendously since its rather impressive beginning when the English and Mandarin segments of the paper were merged to form a bilingual paper. While the paper prides itself for being a good avenue for readers to learn English or Mandarin, through their vocabulary segments, with the numerous atrocious grammar errors (and a few typos here and there) throughout the paper, the readers stand to lose out in their grammar in the midst of benefiting from their vocabulary. Interesting trade-off, isn’t it?

Aside from that, the article “Motorists complacent, so rise in Cashcard thefts” on Monday (Page A4) is preposterously written. Reading the article, you’d think that the article is entirely about CashCard thefts right? Apparently not, as the focus of the story meanders towards the amount of money most motorists deposit into their CashCards today, given the increasing spate of thefts, and for non-motorists, the amount of money communites deposit into their EZ-Link cards.

And, with the spate of the Edison Chen debacle going downhill, you wouldn’t rely on precisely this tabloid to stir things up again with a front-page cover of the issue. New (and somewhat surprising) revelations this time arose from local blogger Dawn Yang, who suddenly came front with her encounters with Edison and how he had tried to lure her into some kinky business when they were introduced in the past by mutual friends. Wow, what good timing of matters isn’t it.

Edison Chen

 “Speaking of timing, Edison has been accosted for returning to Hong Kong and addressing the media in the shadows of credited household performer Lydia Sum’s unfortunate demise after her battle with organ failure and other illnesses. (Apparently the Hong Kong tabloids are not that focused on Edison, after all – at least they’re willing to shift their attention to more pressing matters) Though I feel that either way, he gets the short end of the schtick – he comes back early, he gets blasted. He comes back late to let the tide cool off, he meets with the unfortunate passing of Lydia Sum, and he gets blasted.

Which brings the act to the climactic showdown – the press conference. Edison announced that he will be “leaving Hong Kong showbusiness indefinitely”. And there are speculations abounding regarding the usage of those words, which seriously, sound forcefully planned. Many feel that it is all a clever ploy on the part of his ego to evoke some sympathy against his plight and to emerge the unfortunate victim. (After all, Gilian, Cecilia and Bobo have already taken most of the rap for him while he went into hiding; it’s just the way the society currently functions lah. When females consent to sex, they’re at fault. When they consent to being photographed having sex, they’re at fault for their naivety. Little wonder that in an online survey of more than 5000 voters, 62% of the pollers have forgiven the actor but bad blood still run against the female stars)

Leaving “Hong Kong showbusiness” indefinitely just means that he’ll be able to expand his pastures into the wider market of Hollywood, where he has made forays into Tinseltown in The Grudge 2 in 2006, as well as a villain in a supporting cameo in the upcoming The Dark Knight. He allegedly found time to go for auditions, and to clinch a role, in another upcoming Christopher Nolan movie while in hiding. Doesn’t sound as if his career is suffering to me.

What’s my entire take on this? Just let the entire thing blow over and let the stars get on with their lives already! While this has taken the entertainment scene by storm, but that’s just it, entertainment.

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