Insight – Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2008

So, the day is here. You know, THE day…
V-Day aka Valentine’s Day.

This is the day when couples go all lovey-dovey in an in-your-face kind of manner and singles feel alienated, as though they are under this constant spotlight wherever they go. At least, that’s how I used to feel.

This is the day when suddenly, the prices of flowers are akin to the prices of bak kwa during Chinese New Year – totally exorbitant. Prices that make me cringe at the sight of. Prices which make me secretly thank Someone Up There that I was created as a receiver, not a sender, of flowers.

This is the day when marketing gurus will exploit the public, with everything possible turning into “Exclusive Valentine’s Day Packages”. For instance, a tram ride around the Night Safari, with dinner and wine included of course. Cost-wise? Around a few hundred bucks or so I think. All I do know is that buying a tram ticket for two on any other normal day, and throwing in some kay-eff-see set meal for dinner while on the tram ride will be so much cheaper. Well, it’s not as if the animals showcased are any different, while the romantic ambience is hardly lost in any case.To quote, “Some gifts are big, others are small. Gifts from the heart are the best gifts of all.” So really, there isn’t really a need to pamper The Princess with luxurious gifts and bouquets which are so exorbitantly priced, nor have that oh-so-romantic candle-light dinner at some chic restaurant. A simple home-cooked meal with a handmade card telling her how much she is appreciated will suffice.

Surely girls wouldn’t want to (and can’t bear to, of course) see their own prince go begging on the streets and surviving on bread and water for months just for that one day!


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