BEWARE… of Diet Coke

February 14, 2008

Recently, I learnt that food and drinks containing artificial sweeteners are harmful for your body contrary to popular belief, so do abstain from consuming too much of these products and not go downing the next 6-pack of diet coke you see.

As general advice, warning bells should start ringing when you see food and drinks which are either sugar-free or contain low sugar levels. Especially when they still manage to give you the nice sugary sensation when consumed, or leaves you with the delightfully strong sugar aftertaste. Going “Yippee! No sugar = no diabetes or calories or fat!”? Think again.

Prior to reading the article on artificial sweeteners in the Feb 12 2008 edition of mypaper, I already knew that a certain kind of artificial sweeteners – aspartame – actually increases the risk of diabetes. Now, the article mentions that these fake stuff may actually contribute to weight gain as well, which definitely will come as a shock to those weight-conscious anaemic people out there who still relish getting their daily fixture of gassy non-sugar drinks.

Researchers allege that the human body is prompted to prepare  itself for a high calorie intake upon consumption of sweet foods, but when the sweetness is in the form of artificial sweeteners is not followed by a large amount of calories, the body gets confused and it eventually may lead to eating more or expending less energy than normal.

A quick research through the Internet later, and I have started to thank the skies that I am not weight-obsessed to the extent that I am a big fan of these fake sweeteners.

Believe it or not, it’s up to you!

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