Angmoh Issues

February 11, 2008

What enthralls me towards the entire Singaporeans-cannot-speak-proper-English brouhaha stirred by Taiwanese variety programme “Mr Con & Ms Hsi” is the fact that, with all these misgivings towards Singapore’s style of the language, it somewhat seems to me (as an assumption here though) that Singapore is more capable of attracting expats than Taiwan. Surely communication and language have a huge role to play in this?

In addition to that, undergraduates (such as celebrities like Jolin Tsai, who has even ironically released an English Language guidebook) are able to graduate with degrees in the English Language, when, I suppose, foreigners have more trouble understanding them and their inaccurate pronunciation, deplorable grammar and poor vocabulary. I guess we should all further our language studies there? Since with such standards, most people in Singapore will be able to graduate with PhDs already, not only degrees! (The most grating ones of all is hearing things like “Happy Burstday”)

But knowing how Singapore reacts to criticism, I guess the “華語 Cool!” movement will take a backseat this year while the nation campaigns even more strongly for the Speak Good English Movement.

Aiyo die la.. lidat hor.. Singapore English aka Singlish how? So what if it’s a jia-ba-lang rojak language.. All the heritage and culture in it leh..? i think Singapore English not good enuf to be the best in the world la.. but still.. kena say until like dat by those taiwan ppl hor.. sibeh paiseh one leh..

*Written by aR

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